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What Other Gods Are There? (Kicking Bishop Brennan Up the Arse)

Following the shock cliffhanger ending of “Escape From Victory”, Father Ted reasserts itself with “Kicking Bishop Brennan Up the Arse”, a highlight of the third series and one of the strongest episodes overall. On a formal level, it’s the show’s … Continue reading

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Very Easy to Put On, Very Hard to Get Off (The Plague)

After Jack’s latest bout of nude sleepwalking, Bishop Brennan visits to inspect the parochial house’s new security measures. Meanwhile, Dougal’s new rabbit, Sampras, begins to breed rapidly – a problem, as the bishop is intensely leporiphobic. Increasingly farcical attempts to … Continue reading

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He Gave Us a Video (The Passion of Saint Tibulus)

Since this is a sitcom dealing with Irish Catholicism, it was inevitable that the Church’s attitudes towards sexuality would become both a source of humour and an opportunity for social commentary sooner rather than later. What’s surprising about this episode … Continue reading

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